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Be Ethics is a Compliance and Risk Advisory consulting firm that offers to its clients a full Compliance Consulting services that will provide ambitious “Zero Tolerance Program” for any act of non-Compliance. These services include an extensive combat to Financial Crimes Practice that include among other controls, the implementation of new policies and procedures that will help the companies to mitigate, combat and prevent the occurrence of such crimes.

We offer services to any company size - from startups to large corporations, and we are ready to partner with the CEO’s and Senior Management to develop and implement or revise your existing Code of Business Conduct and Compliance Program. 

With our creative and involving Training Program, we guarantee that all employees are not only aware but also committed to the Business Ethics of your company and ready to do the right thing all the time. We also offer a Compliance Channel for any concerns you may have about potential code violations. 

For this, we have an exceptional and well prepared team that provides customized and efficient solutions for your company and its employees. That's what makes us different. We do our best to help the clients realize what they need and maximize their success. Want to learn more about Be Ethics? Contact us! 

Our Services

Our Services

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Compliance Program

Compliance Consulting: Creation and implementation of Compliance Programs, including the elaboration of Code of Business Ethics and Conduct and internal policies as well as management of such programs.

In Company Training: Be Ethics offers tailor-made Compliance training for employees and third party vendors. Trainings can include all Compliance related issues such as Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, Financial Crimes Prevention, Tone at the Top and others.

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Financial Crimes Prevention

Financial Crimes Prevention Program Review: Review the existing Financial Crimes programs or assisting on the implementation of new programs, including review or creation of policies and procedures to prevent money laundering and countering terrorism financing, fraud prevention, anti-bribery and corruption and other financial crimes.

Clients, Partners and Suppliers’ Due diligence: As requested by clients, Be Ethics is able to perform an evaluation their clients’ adequacy and consistency, partners and suppliers Compliance programs, through a complete front to end review and testing procedures.

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Testing and Monitoring

Review of Internal Controls: Evaluation and mapping of possible gaps in the existing procedures in order to detect non-observance to internal policies, procedures and processes, with the purpose to preventively improve the existing controls or to suggest the implementation of new controls.

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Risk Advisory

Risk Assessment: Identification, analyzes and evaluation of the risks that have a potential to cause harm to the clients and as a consequence could result in losses, fraud, corruption, lawsuits, reputational risk, fines and/or others.

Risk Management: After evaluating the risks, address how to manage and implement measures to the existing procedures in order to mitigate the loss adverse effects.

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Reporting Concerns

Compliance Channel: Be Ethics will offer to its clients, a digital platform that will be able to receive Compliance concerns and complaints of violation to the Codes of Conduct or cases of fraud, money laundering, corruption, harassment, facilitation of payment, conflict of interest and others.

Internal Investigation: To conduct internal investigation on behalf of our clients on potential violation cases of the Code of Business Conduct and internal policies. 


Be Ethics has an exceptional and well prepared team to attend you. We help you and your company identify the best solutions. Contact us!

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